Friday, July 03, 2020
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Drop Everything And Read Indie program consists of many parts. Our donation of books written by Indie Authors, not only gets books into the hands of children and adults who are unable to purchase books, but also supports Indie authors by giving them additional sales and exposure. With both of these concepts combined, we increase the American economy in wealth of education and financial growth by an unlimited amount.

Getting books into the hands of children is only part of our goal. After all, having books means nothing if there is no desire to read. This is where our Super Readers program comes into focus. We have created four characters that show the value of reading from an early age through adult hood, as each of our hero’s are able to use what they read for the good of humanity by becoming their own Super Hero. The Super Readers also break down racial, sex and religious barriers.

Book Donations:

  • 2015 - $5,000 plus (libraries and schools combined)
  • 2016 - $7,000
  • 2017 - $13,500
  • 2018 - $14,500



Throughout each year, we continue to work towards inspiring people of all ages to read more. We have created various programs designed for different ages that are fun and interactive when possible. Below are some of the programs we operate. Please feel free to click on them to learn more.

Book Festival Network - Brings Readers & Authors together to help support reading and donates to local libraries.

Super Readers Comic Book - A fun way for children to learn that from reading they CAN become their own Super Hero. (Coming Soon)