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Friday, July 03, 2020
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Our Passion for Reading

Each of us learns how to read at a young age. While most of us discover how reading can be beneficial and a great way to stimulate the mind, with todays technology, less and less people read books.

In addition to adults living even busier lives then the generation before them, reading again takes a back seat to day to day living.

It is our goal and desire to help people understand and learn how reading can help them to expand the mind and grow, while also learning about other cultures and thoughts. Reading can and does reduce stress and helps people to become wiser about the world around them.

Management Team


B Alan Bourgeois


B. Alan Bourgeois has been writing for 30 years in a wide variety of genre’s and styles. He has won numerous awards for short stories, books and speaking during his career. All of this has led him to become one of the leading author advocates for Indie Authors in the past 7 years. This includes nonprofits and other organizations that have spot lighted Texas Authors and moved them into the category and recognition of traditionally published authors from New York, Chicago and the West Coast.

Through the years he continues to create programs and events that have gained recognition across the country and in many cases are now being copied in local areas. Yet, as he will tell you his greatest work is still to come with the publication of two books; “Authors Revolution” and “I’m Crazy Great” scheduled for release in 2019.

Through both of these books, he will show authors how to regain their control and financial wealth as writers, while also inspiring people from around the world to stay true to their dreams when it means helping others, even at your own cost. For more information about Alan and his various projects, please feel free to review his website for the details.




Jef Smith, DC


Dr. Smith is the director of Therapeutic Life Services, a child foster care provider, and serves on the board of other non-profits in Texas.




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