Friday, July 03, 2020
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Super Readers is a program designed to encourage children to begin reading at a young age, and continue to read through adult hood. With the knowledge and skills they learn and develop, they can then become their own Super Hero. Not through magical powers, but through knowledge.

To help parents to keep their children engaged, we will be creating the Super Reader Club as part of our IndieLector.Store. We will be adding activities and books to the program for children. Each parent will be able to select from a book on the Indie Lector Bookstore every three months at no additinal charge, plus many other benefits. Click here for more information.

Over time, we will be developing writing and reading programs that will range in age levels to promote and inspire everyone to be a Super Reader.

If you would like to help us launch our first Super Readers comic book, please donate here.  We would love volunteers or partners in helping us to create the program.  If you have any skills in comic book writing, character drawing, printing, etc., we would love to hear from you.  Simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Hi, my name is Amal. I am a Muslim women who loves to read. From reading I have become a Super Hero. My power is the ability to understand all types of human life and how people live. I am able to touch a bully and give them insight into the life of the person they are bullying so they can learn and stop hating or treating people in a bad way.


Hi, my name is Bruce. I come from a long family of Super Hero's. I have learned how to out wit the villain's, and with my trusted Quill, I can write great books about my adventures. Do you know what a pen name is? I have one, can you figure out what it is?


HI, I Am Ampersand, you can call me Ampy. My special powers are two fold; I am a super fast reader with 100% understanding of what I read, and I can read and speak any language and understand them. I learned all of this from reading.


Hi, my name is Osmosis. My friends call me Osie. My super power is absorption. I am able to help my friends who are in need of help by absorbing from a book the ability to do things. The power is short term, so I have to act quickly while it is fresh in my mind.