Year of the Reader - Player

Authors Marketing International and our organization's founder B Alan Bourgeois is creating a year of public and private displays of gratitude to Readers of ALL age levels.

The objective is not only to say “Thank You” to readers but at times we will show our appreciation, while at the same time increasing readership around the world.

Please visit this page often as we will be adding things throughout the year to show our appreciation, to help authors show their appreciation, and much more.



Participate in the 2022 Read-a-thon Summer Program.  Our goal is to raise $1 Million.  Click here to register, or Click Here to Sponsor a Reader or Donate to the Progam

Looking for an event to participate in?  We have a calendar of events for 2022 that many organizations are working on.  Check them out here: Calendar of Events



Check out a variety of programs that we will be adding to the system over the next few months.

Postcards to give to Readers at events you attend

Social Media tools to Encourage more Reading

Social Media images to promote Year of the Reader